Enquiry or application related to your tax refund.
For individual tax payer, your tax refund status can be checked via MyTax. Click here to login into MyTax Portal.

1. Please attach letter with company letterhead and signed by the director.
Application with insufficient supporting documents or incomplete documents will not be processed.
2. Make sure the file is uploaded with the following specifications:
  i. Format : *.jpg,*.png,*.gif, and *.pdf.
  ii. Size : 2 MB.
  iii. Label : Alphanumeric only  (a-z, A-Z dan 0-9).

With effect from 1st July 2022, change of address can only be made through Notification of Change in Address Form [CP600B (Pin 2/2022)] and accepted either submitted by hand or by post or update online via e-Kemaskini only. Submission via Customer Feedback Form or email is NOT ALLOWED and will not be processed.
1. Note: You may also update below details by using our e-Kemaskini application via MyTax Portal. Please login using your e-filing ID.
  i. Phone Number. ii. Email address.
  iii. Correspondence address. iv. Residential address.
  v. Business address.
2. To update telephone number or email address:
  Submit a written request (If company, please use company letterhead). Please upload the letter together with a copy of MyKad/Passport/Form 9/13/Seksyen 28  (for company)
Application without supporting document will not be processed.
3. To Update Tax Payer Name :
  i. Individual : A copy of Identification Card/Passport
  ii. Company/Employer : Form 13 or any documents related to Change of Name issued by Regulatory Body. Please provide the latest accounting period of the company when submitting the request to update the company name.
4. Attachment specification:
  i. Format : *.jpg,*.png,*.gif, dan *.pdf.
  ii. Size : 2MB.
  iii. Filename: Alphanumeric format (a-z, A-Z and 0-9).